About Us

A warm welcome to Things4MyHome.com! We hope you'll love our housewares and Laurent Stadelmann - Managing Director of Things4MyHome.comyour whole shopping experience with us.

Things4MyHome.com is a contemporary online retailer of quality, well-designed homewares and household items. Things for bathroom and kitchen; ironing, laundry and cleaning products; and storage solutions for around the home. Plus clocksgifts, home accessories and products for recycling, travel, leisure and well-being.

We are a family-owned business - I founded Things4MyHome.com in 2011 with my wife Jayne - based in the UK.

Having run my own property-related businesses for some years, my interest in and desire to set-up an ecommerce business had steadily grown, and so Things4MyHome.com was born. We founded the company to be more than just another online retailer, however.

We take our shared passion for stylish, well designed products for the home and combine this with Jayne's experience as a designer and artist, plus her flair for interior
styling. And, as Jayne says, we add a healthy dollop of natural French chic.

As strong advocates of excellent customer service, we always ensure that this is a core component of our business. We believe in fair transactions, where all parties are satisfied.

Things4MyHome.com chooses the suppliers, manufacturers and brands that we work with very carefully, and we take time and care in selecting quality, well-designed products that have something just a little bit special about them. We want you to love our products and we stand by our confidence in the quality of our selections by offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

We aim to make each transaction as smooth as possible with prompt communication, and dispatch within one working day from our warehouse, which is conveniently located in West Berkshire.

Things4MyHome.com also offers free UK delivery for most products, and a secure site so you can shop with confidence.

We hope that you enjoy shopping at Things4MyHome.com!

Laurent Stadelmann
Managing Director, Things4MyHome.com