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Recycling bags for paper, plastic & glass with French style

Posted by on 2/19/2016 to New & Featured

For many, recycling has become a function of everyday life. So the range of Design France recycling bags aims brings a fun, trendy style to a somewhat mundane yet important task. has been stocking colourful purple, lime green, orange and pink recycling bags for paper, plastic, glass and metal respectively, for some time now and these continue to be a popular choice of recycling solution.
Design France recycling bags at
So we are delighted to now offer the same recycling bags in a new colour selection for 2016. In shades of grey and black, these bags for glass, plastic and paper will suit those who love the bags' style and touch of French, but who want less colour.

All our Design France recycling bags are available to purchase either singly or in selected sets of 3 or 4 bags. So you can choose whichever bags suit your recycling needs.
Set of four Design France recycling bags at
Find out more about Design France recycling bags.

We would love to hear which bags you use and how you recycle?

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