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Bubel towels perfect for the gym, outdoors & leisure!

Posted by on 4/19/2016 to New & Featured

You love the gym! You love the outdoors, whether it's surfing, cycling or just lazing around on the beach! What you don't love is carting around lots of stuff and a soggy, heavy towel!

So that's where the Bubel towel comes in. Bubel towels are perfect for the gym, outdoors & leisure! They're lightweight. They fold up small and compact. They are quick drying. Plus Bubel towels are odourless and free from bacteria and chemicals!
Quick dry, compact, light Bubel towels at
Bubel sports towels at
Sounds like the perfect towel for carrying around in a sports bag, luggage or a backpack. Not mention spreading it out on that beautiful, warm sand or on a sun lounger!
Beach towels at is delighted to introduce our new range of fantastic Bubel towel designs.
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Which Bubel towel do you like best?

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