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Ideas for displaying bud vases

Posted by on 5/30/2012 to Ideas & Inspiration
Here are some simple ideas for using vases to accessorise your home. Bud vases are great for adding budget-friendly accent colour to a room.
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  • Colourful and textured vases can be displayed without flowers or other additions.
  • Place 3 vases on a flat dish as a base.
  • Or try adding an artificial bloom; a beaded or glass flower; interesting sticks and stems, perhaps with berries; beads or gems on wire.
  • If your vases vary in colour or shade then try mixing up the colours or shades of the items you choose to put in them.
  • Use bud vases on bedside tables or chest of drawers. Or on window ledges.
  • Create a display using vases with pretty perfume bottles, trinket boxes and other accessories. Try varying the heights of the items you use.
  • Co-ordinate the colours of the accessories or choose two harmonising or contrasting colours.
  • Display bud vases in a bathroom. Accessorise with bowls of pretty, coloured guest soaps, candles and bottles of coloured liquids.
  • Have a row of 3 vases on a fireplace mantlepiece, on a shelf in the hallway or on an occasional table.
  • Make a dining table centerpiece using 3 or 5 vases. Bud vases are small so they won't block your view of dinner companions. Alternate with candles or tealight holders in co-ordinating or contrasting colours.
  • Use threaded or loose beads, coloured stones, pebbles, scatters, etc. around the base of your vases to create additional interest and texture.
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