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Discover a hidden benefit of our Sensor Mirrors

Posted by on 2/8/2019 to Ideas & Inspiration

An unexpected romantic gesture

Have you ever bought a product for its advertised benefits, and then realised that the same product had advantages that you had not anticipated?

Picture the scene: when I asked my other half what she wanted for Valentine's Day last year, she replied, "sleep"!

The reason for this plea? Me getting up in the night and switching on the light in the en-suite bathroom. Cue a sound and light extravaganza of glaring bulb rays, which at 3 o'clock in the morning appear brighter than the sun, along with the seemingly never-ending whirring of the automatic extractor fan!

Then I discovered a hidden benefit of our sensor mirror. By waving my hand in front of it a few times during my short night visit (so that it stays on), it emits enough light for me, but not enough to disturb Sleeping Beauty. And it's silent!  
Does that count as a romantic gesture? Hmmm...a box of chocolates and some flowers will probably help my cause on the day!

A bientôt!
Laurent Stadelmann

Chief of "Romantic Gestures" at

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