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Get First Lady looks with our daylight sensor makeup mirrors

Posted by on 11/30/2018 to Interesting & Fun
Get First Lady looks with our daylight sensor makeup mirrors

The French First Lady and our MD used to be close

From the mid-80s to the early 90s Brigitte Macron used to live in the village our MD grew up in, Truchtersheim, a commune in the Bas-Rhin department in Alsace in north-eastern France. 

At the time Brigitte Macron wasn't famous like she is now. She was a teacher of literature, only known by the locals.

Earlier this month she came back to Truchtersheim to say hello to some old friends. 
Brigitte Macron always manages to make waves with her sleek, polished très chic style.

The French First Lady now has scores of women the world over wanting to emulate her latest look and who can blame them?

At we also love sleek and chic, and while we do not sell clothes, we can still add touches of elegance to your home so you too can feel like a VIP.

If it's First Lady Looks that you crave, then getting your cosmetics and make up colours correct with a perfectly blended foundation is a smart move. Our clever simplehuman make up mirrors simulate natural sunlight, using the tru-lux light system, so you see full and accurate colour variation and always know when your makeup is flawless.

It pays to put yourself first in this respect.
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