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Heads were turning!

Posted by on 7/6/2019 to Interesting & Fun
I am a huge tennis fan. You may know this already from previous posts.
The big story for me at Wimbledon this year has been the progress of fifteen-year-old tennis player Coco Gauff. 

Coco's achievements and impact at Wimbledon have been huge. Progressing into the later stages at a Grand Slam tournament is tough, but she managed it.
And that success has shone through in a surge of social media hits on Coco's name. In fact, Coco was trending more than anything else going on at Wimbledon at the time of writing.
It just shows you the power of capturing the spirit-of-the-moment, and a trend subsequently developing. The sudden impact trends can have in a head-turning way.  

I believe that Coco will be more than a mere trend though, as she also has a style of play that is likely to develop and endure for a long time.

Style has the ability to outstay fashionable trends over time. Trends, while impactful, often come and go. Particularly when it comes to home interior style and trends.
When it comes to your home what would you say your preference is? Do you choose long-lasting style, or fashionable trends? Or a mix of both?

                                                                                                                     Coco Gauff, Wimbledon 2019

A bientôt!

Laurent Stadelmann
Head of "Wimbledon Watch" at

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