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How to create a cool chill-out space

Posted by on 8/17/2018 to New & Featured
How to create a cool chill-out space

A fun experience you, your kids and your friends will love! 

When creating our outdoor space, we think about lawns and patios, flowers and plants. All at ground and fence level. When we design our inside haven, we tend to concentrate on furnishings and accessories at floor and wall level.

How often do you spend time thinking about how to make good design use of those higher level spaces? I’m talking about trees, beams, pergolas and porches! Well, has got just the thing...that will also bring out your inner child!
Welcome to the fabulous Cacoon Hanging Chair
A Cacoon Hanging Chair is designed for indoors and out. So, swing it from a tree in the garden, or hang it from a beam in your favourite room. Take it on camping trips, and have fun! 
No handy tree branch or beam? Don’t worry – there’s a separate hanging frame available. We have one at HQ, our zone for relaxation breaks and creative thinking! 
For more reasons to create your cool new chill-out space, watch the video below. 

Kids will love making a cosy den in the Cacoon Bonsai, to dream, read or play.

There are also Single and Double grown-up Cacoons: do you want your own space or to cosy-up à deux? 

Your friends and family will love a Cacoon. But most of all, so will you!

A bientôt! 

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