Leifheit Telegant 100 wall mounted clothes airer/dryer - white
Leifheit Telegant 100 (please note pegs & clothing not included)

Leifheit Telegant 100 wall mounted clothes airer/dryer - white

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Leifheit Telegant 100 wall mounted clothes airer / dryer

The Leifheit Telegant 100 is a neat dryer that folds away and is covered when not in use.

This multi-use dryer can be fixed to any wall, over the bath, in the shower, in a cellar, utility room or on a balcony.  It is simple to assemble and put up wherever needed.

When fitted over a bath or shower, it can be used for drip drying; when placed anywhere else it can be used for drying and airing damp washing.

It has the benefit of an additional integrated
chrome-plated hanging towel rail underneath the main dryer. This rail is not disturbed when opening the dryer so towels may be left in place whilst opening and closing the Telegant rails.

To open up the clothes dryer, pull open the two side arms and then pull out the 8 rigid, powder coated stainless steel clothes hanging rails/lines, each 90cm wide. The side arms are strong and support the rails as they extend out.

To close, push away the rails into the body and fold the arms closed. Only the
chrome-plated towel rail is now exposed. The arms then cover the rails leaving a neat "box" on the wall.

The Telegant is designed to be used indoors or outdoors.

And in this era of environmental awareness amongst consumers, this product is ideal for drip drying instead of using an energy consuming tumble dryer.

Features and benefits

  • Stylish, clever, compact and extremely versatile wall mounted dryer for inside or out.

  • Elegant and space saving when closed.
  • Plenty of room for laundry when opened.

  • Can be placed wherever you wish.

  • Environmentally friendly: use for drip drying rather than using a tumble dryer.

  • 8 pull out steel rails available when required.

  • To close, push home rails and close arms to keep them clean & hidden.

  • Total airer drying area: approx. 8.1m (8 x 90mm slide away rails plus a fixed towel bar).

  • Easy to assemble and put up.

  • Solid construction made of corrosion resistant materials.

  • Fittings included.

Product information

  • Brand: Leifheit

  • Materials: plastic, powder coated stainless steel

  • Colour: white

  • Dimensions:
    • Total drying line length: approx. 8.1m
    • Measures: approx.102 x 53 cm
    • Mounting hole distance: 94.4 cm

  • Manufacturer's guarantee: 3 years

5 Stars
We made a mistake on size and had to replace-couldn't be more helpful
Reviewed by:  from OXON. on 1/15/2015
5 Stars
Thank you
Reviewed by:  from Maidstone. on 7/28/2014
5 Stars
A good transaction
- thankyou
Reviewed by:  from Glasgow. on 1/22/2014
5 Stars
Leifheit Telegant 100
Many Thanks
Reviewed by:  from Powys. on 12/10/2013
5 Stars
Brilliant product, it does not take away any space once folded back in and as we have it mounted over the radiator, clothes are dry quite quickly. We also have one for outside in the garden, which is also great weather permitting.
Reviewed by:  from Merseyside. on 11/11/2013
5 Stars
Leifheit Telegant 100
Delivery actually arrived early, which was brilliant. Item is fantastic, we have this clothes airer indoors as well and just wanted the same outdoors. It is easy to attach and folds away neatly. The drying space is sufficient for one load, which is great.
Reviewed by:  from Merseyside. on 9/16/2013
5 Stars
Swift delivery
Reviewed by:  from Dorking. on 5/14/2013
5 Stars
Many thanks.
Reviewed by:  from Kent. on 2/23/2013
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from macclesfield. on 2/2/2013
5 Stars
excellent product
and service
Reviewed by:  from Lancing. on 11/16/2012

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