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Let us guess your New Year's Resolutions

Posted by on 1/7/2019 to Ideas & Inspiration
Let us guess your New Year's Resolutions

Create the right environment to achieve your goals!

A brand new, shiny year is ahead of us. Many of us turn our thoughts to making changes and improvements to ourselves, our lives and our homes. We tend to refer to these as New Year’s Resolutions, but perhaps it can be more productive and sustainable to think of them as goals. 

We commonly aim to eat more healthily, drink less alcohol, exercise more and lose weight. Perhaps learn a new skill or hobby. And spend more time on personal well-being, and with our friends and family. Am we right in thinking that at least one of these is on your list? 
In order to achieve any goal it is important to create the right environment for success.

Focus for a minute on something you want to achieve this year.
Have you considered how you will make it happen? In what environment? And things you will need for a successful outcome?  

For example, if you want to lose weight, you will need healthy recipes, an exercise plan, and a bathroom scale to measure your results. 

If you plan to entertain friends and family more often, do you have the right space to set the tone for the experience? A cosy, memorable environment achieved with the right homeware and art. Surroundings that express your personality and enable interesting conversations and strong relationships with those close to you. 
Ideally, a home is a place of comfort, relaxation, retreat and happiness. It can also be somewhere you are motivated, passionate and energised. So it is essential to enhance that home in ways which in turn enhance the feelings and needs we have when we are at home. 

And we bear this in mind for every product decision that we make at

So how are you planning to enhance your home environment and lifestyle in 2019?

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