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If we had our own delivery lorry, it would probably look like this!

Posted by on 2/15/2012 to Interesting & Fun
It's a fun post today to share some great design skills that amazed and awed Laurent, our MD. Yep, this one is going to particularly appeal to boys who love toys.

Although the design subject has nothing to do with home interiors, the skill, thought and attention to detail that has gone into creating this remote controlled truck is simply stunning.

Paraphrasing the famous Carlsberg tagline, Laurent was heard to say, "If had its own delivery lorry, it would probably look like this"!

quarter-scale replica of an American truck by Luca Bordin
The truck is an exact, quarter-scale replica of a real American truck, a Peterbuilt 359. This remote-controlled machine was handbuilt in Italy by Luca Bordin.

Luca Bordin and his hand crafted American truck replica
The truck is the product of over 2,000 man hours of work on Luca's part, with most of the components specially created by hand. In total, the project took him nine months to complete.

Go on, who fancies a go with the remote control?

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