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Read that book you always promised yourself you would read!

Posted by on 8/30/2019 to Ideas & Inspiration
Do you enjoy reading books? Business books in particular? As a business owner I love a good business book that gets me thinking in a new or different way, or which gives me practical ideas to implement. 

I started reading one a few weeks ago relating to the importance of good customer service. But then life got extra busy, and I didn't get time to finish the book. Bet that happens to you too!

Thankfully the solution came in the form of the long holiday weekend and a heatwave. Which were kind enough to arrive at the same time.

You can imagine my joy at the thought of settling into my garden haven (aka Cacoon hanging chair) with a cool drink and that book on my iPad. 

There I was all tucked away in a quiet spot in the garden (the family declined to join me in the Cacoon preferring to hide out in the coolest part of the house) - absolute bliss and prime reading time.

One of the key points the book reinforced was the importance of implementing better routines that make life easier for customers.

Such as a great returns policy. I think our returns policy is pretty fantastic already. It's easy to return goods you decide not to keep. All we ask is that you repackage them exactly as you received them. 

Of course, once you get your delivery, we hope that you'll open the goods, love them and keep them.

But if that's not the case, then you've got 30 days to get them back to us for a refund. Simple as!

Those few hours reading and relaxing in the garden did me the world of good. So watch this space for new ideas filtering through at  

A bientôt!

Laurent Stadelmann
Head of "Holiday Reading" at

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