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Simplehuman sensor mirror for perfect make-up & a close-shave!

Posted by on 9/10/2013 to New & Featured

The new Simplehuman sensor mirror is now in stock at and we are so excited about it!
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Picture the scene, it's a dark winter's morning, you're still sleepy and you're trying to make sure that your foundation is smoothly blended in the low light of your bedroom... Hmmm, and who hasn't ever been in the situation of discovering half-way through the day that their make-up is looking a bit more patchy and cakey than they thought?

Well, no more of that, thanks to this ultimate make-up mirror, which simulates natural sunlight so that you can see a full variation of colours. So now you can go out knowing that your make-up is colour correct and flawless.
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And those gentlemen who don't wear make-up, don't think that you are being left out, because you can use the simplehuman sensor mirror to check the results of your close shave in fine detail or to help you trim your goatee properly. The distortion-free mirror has 5x magnification, which is ideal for providing exceptional detail while still enabling you to see your entire face at once.

The Simplehuman sensor cosmetic mirror is so clever that it even lights up automatically as your face approaches it and will switch itself off when you have finished.

Now, if only it could put our make-up on for us...
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Watch this great video to see the Simplehuman sensor mirror in action and think about treating yourself or about making this sensor mirror the perfect gift for a loved one.

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