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Spring cleaning made easy with tips, cleaning cloths & dusters

Posted by on 4/11/2013 to New & Featured is delighted to introduce a new range of quality cleaning cloths and dusters.

And since now is traditionally the time for spring cleaning, we hope that you will find all the cloths you need to make cleaning and dusting quicker, easier and more effective.

We have dust mitts and dusters, a host of cloths for cleaning bathrooms and toilets, kitchens and delicate surfaces, windows and mirrors, saucepans and wine glasses, and general all purpose cloths.
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And just to help you get in the mood for spring cleaning the house, here’s a short, handy checklist of tasks and tips:

One room at a time
If you focus on one room at a time when spring cleaning then you avoid randomly jumping from one task to another all over the house and never actually finishing anything. You’ll be more productive; you won’t have the mess of piles of stuff everywhere and will enjoy seeing results from your efforts. Think how satisfied you will feel when you tick a whole room off your list!

Clean the curtains
To keep your curtains looking as good a new and smelling fresh, they should be cleaned at least once a year.

Freshen up carpets
Although you regularly vacuum your carpets, treat them to a steam clean to get rid of stubborn stains and germs. 

Clean the oven
Cleaning the oven is not a fun job but it has to be done. Even better hire a professional oven cleaner to get rid of the remains of months of winter roasts.

Wardrobe clean out
It’s not so much about sorting out your clothes, but more about really cleaning the inside of the wardrobe. Moths are partial to laying their eggs in dark and dusty corners, so try to prevent this by giving wardrobes a thorough dust and vacuum.

Shining windows inside and out
When the sun finally appears you want to enjoy as much natural light flooding through the windows as possible, so window cleaning is worth the effort. Why not try our window cleaning cloths to help you get the insides sparkling.

Get your duvets dry-cleaned
Sometimes we forget but duvets should be cleaned at least once a year. And one of the best times to do this is when you swap over your winter and summer quilts. 

Hope you find this useful, and happy cleaning! :-)

Best wishes
The team

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