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Summer is complete

Posted by on 8/12/2019 to New & Featured
Summer is complete
Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us tell you the story of a little boy called Pascal, who grew up in the south of France in the 70s. 

Pascal loved the long summer school holidays: 2.5 months of freedom and playing.
Every morning he’d run across the road to his best friend Julien’s home, where they would splash around for hours in the swimming pool.
Pascal also loved it there because Julien's parents always had the latest must-haves. So you can imagine Pascal's delight on the day he discovered their new hammock. 
Pascal decided he had to try it. He climbed on the hammock with all the exuberance of a small boy, couldn’t find his balance, and fell out the other side. Flat on his face! Zut alors!
But he persevered! And finally managed to stay in the hammock, although at first scared to move in case one little twitch would make him fall. Getting back out wasn’t that easy either. Yet, every day that summer, Pascal climbed into that hammock after playing in the pool, and stared at the monsters [aka clouds] floating across the sky. Happy days!

All these years later, Pascal still treasures memories of lazy days in the hammock. But feeling less agile than his ten-year-old self, he regretfully knew that a hammock wouldn't be right for him. 

And then he found the perfect solution! 
  • Get on and off with ease
  • Stable and comfortable lying down position
  • No embarrassing 'hammock moments'
  • No fear of heights or swaying
  • Quick and easy to put up and fold down 
  • And of course... style and panache.
And that's why Pascal bought a "Kajito": 

It really is the most stylish way to "hammock".
It may have taken 40 years, but we found the perfect way to give Pascal back those happy childhood feelings, and made his summer complete. 
Welcome to the Kajito

A bientôt! team

PS - Pascal's summer is now even better than he expected! Allow us to show you how the "Kajito" could enhance your summer! ;-)

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