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Things to consider when choosing a make up mirror

Posted by on 10/17/2016 to Ideas & Inspiration
Things to consider when choosing a make up mirror

The performance of a mirror with lights or a magnifying mirror needs careful consideration

Looking in the mirror is something we do everyday. We stare at our faces and hair, we put on make up, we shave, we get dressed. The mirror is an essential part of any beauty routine. But how much thought do we really give to the mirrors we use?

When we choose a mirror, we often base that choice solely on the style and size of the mirror, or on price. How much thought do we really give to the performance of the mirror? After all, a mirror is just a mirror. Isn't it?

We spend increasing amounts of money on hair and beauty products and cosmetics so it makes sense to have a mirror that enables you to see yourself in the best light. To put on make up for a flawless finish. To achieve a close shave. To present yourself well and look your best.

So here are a few things that you need to consider when selecting the right mirror for your needs and your lifestyle.

Choose the right mirror magnification for you

There is no right or wrong mirror magnification. It really comes down to personal preference. Magnification can vary so you need to consider the right level for you. For example, 5x magnification will still enable you to view your whole face, while 10x is ideal for detail work such as plucking eyebrows. Your choice of magnification will also depend on your age and eyesight and how closely you want or need to see your face. Do you want your whole face to be magnified or to zone in on particular areas? Magnification can be particularly helpful when your eyesight is poor and you wear glasses. By picking the right level of magnification for you, you should be able to clearly see what you are doing, without trying to apply cosmetics around your glasses.

Choose the right mirror magnification

You should always ensure that the mirror provides distortion-free magnification.

Consider the lighting in the room

Artists need the best light to paint by and making up your face should be no different. If the room where you put your make up on has poor lighting then you won't be able to accurately see when applying cosmetics or shaving.

So now perhaps you're thinking that a mirror with lights around it is just what you need. In that case, a mirror which simulates natural sunlight light is an ideal solution. Day or night, a mirror that simulates natural sunlight will enable you to achieve a colour-correct, flawless make up finish or an even shave.

Choose the right shaving mirror

Where will you use your mirror?

Where you use your mirror will affect the style of mirror you choose. Will you be using it in the bedroom or bathroom? Will it be used for shaving? In that case, you may want to choose a wall-mounted mirror in the bathroom.

If you'll be applying cosmetics in your bedroom then you may prefer a wide-view mirror on a dressing table? Or a free standing mirror that you can move from room to room? Perhaps you travel a lot and need a portable mirror you can take with you?

where will you use your mirror

It's important to define your routine first and then choose the right mirror.

Choose quality

Not all magnifying and sensor mirrors are made equal. You can certainly buy cheap magnifying mirrors or mirrors with lights, but ensure that they really will help you see clearly, achieve a flawless finish and play a long-term role in your beauty routine.

Other things to consider when choosing a sensor mirror

  • Does the mirror use a light system that ensures that LED light is dispersed evenly with no light loss or hot-spots?
  • Does the mirror use LED lights? These last much longer than traditional or fluorescent bulbs.
  • Does the sensor react and adapt to your behaviour?
  • Do the sensor lights turn on when you approach and shut off automatically when you are finished?
  • Is the mirror cordless so that there are no cords to get in the way wherever you use the mirror?
  • Is it rechargeable? USB and/or mains adaptor?
  • Is the mirror adjustable so you can position and angle it just how you want?

We hope this list of things to consider when choosing a make up mirror is helpful.

Have fun looking!

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