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Wonky pedals and potato peelings

Posted by on 2/28/2019 to Ideas & Inspiration

Do you sometimes feel that more food seems to end up on the outside of your kitchen bin than inside it?

You know what happens, you've got your hands full of potato peelings, you rush across the kitchen to your current bin, you step on the wonky plastic pedal, and... one of two things happens! Either absolutely nothing, or the lid grudgingly opens, but only a fraction of its full potential!

So that's when you decide to put your basic belly-dancing skills into play. You attempt to shimmy the lid open further with your hip. When that doesn't work, in a final fit of frustration, you thrust your potato-skin laden hands into the gap. You get some of the peelings inside, while despairingly watching several escapees slide down the outside of the bin to the floor, leaving a trail of glistening smears in their wake. 

You wistfully imagine how much easier and cleaner it would be if the bin had an efficient, long-lasting steel pedal that opened the lid wide open with a single foot press. So that all peelings could reach their final destination inside the bin in one go. And, even better, what if that lid then slowly and quietly closed by itself? So that there was no need for your hands to touch it, and no final clanging thud to make the cat jump!

Of course, the answer is already here waiting to be discovered. 
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