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ZEbag bottle bag or wine rack? You choose!

Posted by on 1/22/2016 to New & Featured
A ZEbag® bottle bag is very definitely a bottle bag! Use it to safely transport bottles of wine, or other glass bottles such as olive oil or water. Back from the supermarket, the off licence or a vineyard. Or take it on picnic or a boat trip. It's stylish and stable whether sitting on a blanket or a deck. You can even transport a couple of wine glasses in some of the compartments along with a couple of bottles of wine and water.

But that's not all ZEbag can do.
ZEbag bottle bag & wine rack at
If you use ZEbag in "bar mode" then it becomes a compact wine rack on any flat surface.

Or you can hang it up with its own wall bracket. A great space-saving way to store your favourite wines. And ideal for easy access when you fancy a glass of red, white or rose!
Versatile ZEbag wine rack & bottle bag at
Having a dinner party? Then ZEbag becomes a designer wine display for the drinks selection you have chosen. Or keep ZEbag within easy reach of the sofa when relaxing for drinks with friends and family.

Available in striking red, smart grey or stylish black, ZEbag brings French design chic to wine storage. The bottle bag has 6 compartments to hold most sizes of glass bottle. When used as a horizontal wine rack on a flat surface it will hold up to 11 bottles. ZEbag's geometric shape keeps it stable in a car boot or on the deck of a boat. It has internal padding and rigid partitions cushion and protect each bottle. No more clinking bottles! 
Red ZEbag bottle bag at
Transforming ZEbag from wine rack to bottle bag and back again is very quick and easy.

Surely any wine lover would appreciate a ZEbag bottle bag and wine rack in their life?

Let us know what you think.

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